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February Newsletter
Welcome to Garden View's first newsletter. We hope you find this interesting, informative, and inspiring. We intend to provide valuable information to interested homeowners and professional property managers on Plants, Gardening, Landscaping, and Swimming Pools. In addition we will provide information on being water-wise and specials we have at our nursery.
Please check in regularly and pass this newsletter on to your friends.
Mark Meahl (President Garden View Inc.)

San Marino Backyard
SanMarinoNorthFacingThe client wanted a Taiwanese feel to the area. The Stone is Three Rivers, the wood deck is designed to appear as if peering over the water, behind the spa is a seating area with pillows and a fire pit. Eddie Anaya was the designer and project manager. He worked closely with Mark Meahl and the homeowner on the design, and with the Garden View Team which did all the construction on this beautiful project.
February Gardening Tips Hydrangeas
This is often our rainiest month, but don't complain! We need all the wet stuff we can get. Rain waters trees and shrubs deeply and pushes harmful mineral salts down through the soil. If rains don't materialize, irrigate deeply, though sprinklers are never as thorough as soaking rains. Days are still short and nights often cold, but you can smell the first blossoms of spring.

At Garden View Landscape Maintenance we trim large shrubs that bloom from the end of their new growth this month. We cut back Oleander very far so that it does not need trimming again for most of the year. (When you trim Oleander you cut off all the flowers). For the same reason we usually trim mature Bouganvillas very hard late in the month (after chance of frost has past). Our customers are sometimes shocked at the temporarily sparce looking plant but the prolonged bloom is worth it.
If you have not trimmed your Salvias yet it is a good time to do it.


Prune old flower heads off Hydrangeas. Remove the upper third of each stem, but not any lower for the largest blooms this spring. The best blooms come from growth from last years healthy stems. To get the largest blooms reduce the number of flower stems. Otherwise you will get many blooms of smaller size.

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Tap rootsWater-Wise Tips
Protect our resources and your water bill

Develop deep roots by training your plants. This is the time of the year to water seldom but deeply and only when needed. Do not water every day. The plants will not develop deep roots because they don't have to and because there is no oxygen and bio activity in the ground because it is too wet.

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In the Dirt
Julie Meahl - Plant Manager Julie Meahl
In February I think of our past presidents and Cupid.
●To Honor our presidents: a crisp bright white hybrid tea rose.  It's a tall vigorous plant with dark green leaves and is very disease resistant, with a slight tea fragrance.
●John F. Kennedy: a greenish white hybrid tea rose.  Cherished mostly as a tribute to the popular president.  Stands up well to hot weather, with a moderate licorice fragrance.
●Mister Lincoln: a velvety deep red hybrid tea rose.  A historic American red rose, with a strong damask rose fragrance.
●Let's not forget, that behind every successful man is a woman.  Martha Washington: an erect and tall geranium.  This geranium is known for its showy flowers that come in white, pink, red and shades of purple.  Very easy to grow.
●As to Cupid, why buy cut flowers when you can give her a rose shrub that lasts forever..?  The color red represents love and passion.  There are two rose shrubs I can suggest.  Chrysler Imperial: a velvety dark red hybrid tea rose.  This rose is vigorous and loves hot temperatures, with a strong damask rose fragrance.  Oklahoma: a black velvet red hybrid tea rose.  This rose is known for its large buds, graceful flowers, and strong rose fragrance.  Your Valentine would be very pleased!
Tip: When planting roses mix some peat moss with your planting mix.  They love the acid.  Also use an acid based fertilizer.
Now you're in the dirt!

Blake's Landscape Maintenance Blog
Blake Most of our clients should be noticing that their lights are shining brighter this month.  It's true, you have completely lost your mind but your eyes are not playing tricks on you!  Now that most leaves have fallen, this is a good time of the year to clean the lenses off your outdoor lighting (especially uplights and spot lights).  Just a little spray of CLR on 'em and a good scrub from a Scotch Bright Sponge and, BAM!  Back to Vegas baby.  Also, if you are a Garden View client, we cleaned your lights at no charge.  Save your change for the slots!
Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter.  See you next month!
Mark Meahl
Garden View, Inc.
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