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Drought and then El Nino? 

Federal scientists announced there is now a 4-in-5 chance of El Niņo conditions developing by the end of the year. El Niņo events (when warmer-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean at the equator affect the jet stream) can lead to wetter winters in California.


This gives us reason to be optimistic, but let's not get our hopes up too high. As we deal with the drought and try to be as water conscious as we can, let's not forget that we also have to be prepared for large deludes of rain that can cause a lot of damage.


Speaking of the drought... Garden View Nursery has made huge investments in succulents and has a large inventory of beautiful water-wise and drought tolerant plants. Besides being extremely water-wise, succulents can be very interesting and great architectural elements in the garden when planted correctly. 

Mark Meahl (President Garden View Inc.)
Contemporary Pasadena


This contemporary pool and living space that we finished building last year is as functional as it is beautiful. Whether you are swimming or lounging outside, the pool functions as an ornamental backdrop to the outdoor rooms. The waterfalls produce ambient sound so that your conversations are private and not overheard by neighbors.

You Don't Always get what you Pay For
poorly poured concretepoorly poured concrete

One of our clients thought they would save some money by having someone else pour their driveway. They saved around 20%.  But as the old saying goes, "nobody is happy with cheap after the price is forgotten." Even beyond the obvious difference in aesthetics, there are many other factors to consider.


Garden View ConcreteFor example, Garden View has a specialized fissure reduction processes that reduces cracking by 90%. The quality difference of the finish is obvious, and the score lines and cold joints are precise. On top of that, nothing is more important than drainage considerations. These are just a few of the items that go into making an investment in quality. For just a nominal investment, the product received is of far more value.

The Cheapest Option is Rarely the Best Option!

Bad Psychologist Comic
May Gardening Tips

PITTISPORUM TOBIRA (Left) Don't Prune Now:
Try not to prune this plant now, though the flowers are apparent but relatively inconspicuous they enrich the garden with a beautiful aroma. There are several types of Pittisporum tobira. Some are variegated. This is a very dependable low maintenance plant.

STAR JASMINE - Trachelospermum (right) Don't Prune Now:
This very versatile, popular plant is just starting to flower. Garden View crews prune this plant only when absolutely necessary at this time of year so that you can enjoy the beautiful flowers and wonderful scent. Star Jasmine can be used and trained as a ground cover, shrub or vine.

To prevent self sowing and prolong bloom break off blossoms individually. Do not cut flower stems because they last more than a year. When they have clearly stopped producing blooms cut stem back to lower leaf joint. (This plant can survive on very minimal water)

LANTANA (right):
If you have not cut back your Lantana yet this may be a good time to do it. Take the opportunity to prune your lantana down by as much as to within 6-12 inches of ground level. Leaves will re-emerge in spring. Lantana isn't harmed at all by such a drastic pruning, and the result will be more compact lantana shrubs. You will loose some bloom but this plant flowers through most of the summer and with so many other plants blooming now this is your opportunity to keep this sometimes vigorous plant in check and ready for summer bloom. (Lantana is a low water need plant and vigorous bloomer)

EURYOPS (left):
This low water use plant blooms almost all year round. Because it is blooming most of the year gardeners are reluctant of pruning it and it can become lanky and unattractive. Garden View gardeners prune the plant several times a year, the flowers are usually not all cut off and the blooms return with increased vigor.

After this beautiful, low maintenance, low water use plant has finished blooming it is a good time to do minimal pruning. Once this plant reaches its mature size it is slow growing and probably only needs to be cut once a year with a little inside out pruning to let light inside the plant and to keep its natural form.

MAGNOLIA STELLATA, and other early spring flowering trees (left):
The best time to prune most flowering trees is soon after they finish blooming. Don't sheer or top the trees. Selectively prune the crisscrossing branches and prune to shape.

PALO VERDE (right) Cercidium and mesquite:
Limit pruning of desert legume trees such as Palo Verde and mesquite. Just remove dead or very small limbs as necessary. Heavy pruning, to stimulate new growth which will be stressed by oncoming heat should wait until later in the summer.


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In the Dirt
with Julie Meahl (Garden View Nursery)


Julie Meahl

It's official, Garden View Nursery is famous! As seen on HGTV's Flip or Flop.

The fans are coming in, and I think I saw a few paparazzi. All of the excitement is about our new and extended succulent and cactus sections. Garden View has been working hard to prepare for the highly talked about drought. To name a few new show stoppers: Arizona Pipe Organ cactus, Mexican Pipe Organ cactus, Old Man of the Andes, Baja Saguaro, Red Yucca, Tilt Head Aloe, and Prickly Pear. WOW! I did not make up these names... they sound like some great movie titles.


Garden View has a great selection of succulents, Aeoniums, Agaves, Echeverias, and sedums. The Agave tequiliana plant is great for all of us tequila drinkers!

If you do not know what any of these plants are, do not worry. All of our plants have a sign up with description, size, and zones. Plus we're always there to help!


Garden View Nursery is looking GREAT! All of our shade trees, fruit trees, shrubs, and roses are ready to schmooze you. We'll see you here!


Tip: Pair Alyssum with lettuce. New studies show better pest control when Alyssum is planted randomly between organic lettuce plants, it can be very effective for aphid control. The reason! The Alyssum attracts a beneficial insect: the hoverfly. Hoverflies lay eggs nearby, which (once hatched) prey on lettuce aphids. Aphids are a pest that plagues California growers by colonizing the interior leaves of lettuce plants.


Now you're in the dirt! 


(Julie Meahl is the Retail Manager and Vice President of Garden View, Inc.)

Blake's Landscape Maintenance Blog 



Soooo, everyone knows the government is paying water companies to put mind control agents in our water supply (Fluoride my ass!!). Well, apparently in their latest string of trickery they added some "trust us, we care" serum, and yes Brita Filters are in on it. Have you noticed that the extent of their efforts has been to put up a few signs with "water wise owls" saying don't hose your driveway? Then turn around and make a promise to the governor to reduce usage by 20%? No way in hell are you gonna nicely ask a bunch of people to use less or invest a ton of money in using less and get results. Just turn the water off while you brush your teeth and we'll save 20% right?! Nope. If everyone uses less they make less revenue; good thing they have hydrothoughtcontrol technology.


The problem at the end of the day, despite some empty and unenforced restrictions, is that it is left up to Southern Californians to be conscientious and do the right thing out of the goodness of our hearts. Well, the problem is that we are all a bunch of heartless bastards that don't care about anything unless it is affecting our wallets. Why fix a small leak at a cost of $100 when just letting it drip won't cost you that much for 25 years and no one is writing tickets? Why spend $3,000 removing/replacing your front lawn if the water saving will take 16 years to pay for itself? Why even bother reprogramming your timer to their demand if they will never cite you?


Water rebates are great in theory but still don't typically come close to help making a return on your investment in less than 5 years. By my calculations the turf removal programs offered leave you with a 10 year ROI at $1 per sq ft rebate and a 5 yr ROI at $2 per sq ft rebate (which is rare). There are some offers for weather based irrigation controllers and sprinkler retrofits which are fantastic products but still take a long time to pay for themselves.


Moral of the story? Stick to beer drinking and try growing a conscience for your water use. The situation really is pretty hairy if we don't get a decent storm season next winter. There may not be real repercussions for wasting now but at least you will be able to say "I did my part!" when we are all drinking our own pee through filters like in Water World.


(Blake Meahl is the Operations Manager for Garden View's Maintenance Division.) 

If you have any suggestions on articles you would like tosee in our newsletter or suggestions for improvement please let us know.
-Tyler Meahl (Technical Manager and Special ProjectsCoordinator for Garden View Inc.)
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