Pine Bluff Paradise


In March of 2004 we decided to completely re-landscape our backyard and have a custom pool and spa built. A dozen contractors and four plan proposals later, we chose to go with Garden View, a company in Monrovia that is well known for their spectacular pools, spas, and landscaping. The plan they submitted was beautiful, creative, and thorough. We signed a contract with them in June; they promised a start date no later than mid-September based on their current workload. This site was created as a weblog and photo journal of the project for friends and family to enjoy.

The Plan

The first image shows the rendering I made after carefully measuring our backyard. I gave this to each prospective contractor as something to start from. They then submitted a pool design for our review. The second image is the actual plan submitted by Garden View (designer: Edward Anaya) that unanimously won our vote (and contract). A few details have changed (and will continue to change) as the project progresses. West is toward the top of the image. The spa will reside in the Northeast corner of our yard. The third image is the plan for the front yard that was submitted (and approved) in September; the fourth image is a composite that I made showing the whole property.

Most Recent Update

November 22-23: Startup, Planter, and Grass

The pool guy came on Monday to do the initial startup; he added a few hundred pounds of salt to the skimmer, checked out the equipment, and turned everything on. We got to see our magnificent waterfall run for the first time, and it was everything we had hoped it would be. By Tuesday the crews had finished rebuilding the brick planter in the front and had installed all of our grass. An electrician installed the master control panel in the house. With the press of a single button, the valves switch over to the spa and the spa heater and light go on. Twenty minutes later it's ready!


The entire weblog can be viewed on a single (large) page, or you may jump to a specific section below:

  1. Original Yard & Tree Removal
  2. Pool Mockup & Excavation
  3. Steel
  4. Plumbing
  5. Electrical
  6. Shotcrete
  7. Decorative Stonework
  8. Concrete Deck
  9. Landscaping
  10. Finishing Touches

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